Interior Decorating Services in Kelowna


Marilyn adds her special flair to interior decorating projects in Kelowna and throughout the Okanagan region. She provides customer-focused designs that meet each clients design goals. Whether you need an amplified style statement, added storage space, or both, Snapdragon Interiors can help you establish and execute a successful design plan.


The projects Marilyn accepts include:


  • Interior design—homes and residential spaces
  • Home staging—create a higher perceived value
  • Decorating and Organizing- Commercial property, offices, restaurants, apartment complexes
  • Design of patio and outdoor living areas


Snapdragon Interiors will make suggestions and guide you through the interior decorating process, ultimately delivering you the space you had always visualized

Professional Organizing Services in Kelowna

Marilyn holds credentials with the Professional Organizers in Canada (POC). This qualification enables Snapdragon Interiors to assist you with utilizing the space that you already have more effectively when you don’t want a full-scale renovation.

 In fact, homeowners often express concerns over the size of their storage spaces only to find that a professional organizer can help them save space.

 If clutter is holding you back from gaining full enjoyment of your home, Snapdragon Interiors can help you. Marilyn will help you re-think your closet and storage space. Additionally, they will help you declutter, while teaching you methods that will assist you with refilling those closets.

 Clutter, though, is only half the problem.

 If your storage spaces are genuinely limited, Snapdragon Interiors can guide you in seeking creative storage space alternatives such as furniture that serves double-duty with hidden storage.


Snapdragon Interiors: Here to Serve You


Snapdragon Interiors is here to serve you. We will take all the necessary time to understand your needs completely. Our goal is to exceed your expectations.


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