Home staging can help sell your home quicker

In fact, a 2018 study analyzed 4,200 homes sold in North America during 2017; participating houses were based both Canada and the United States. Some houses were staged, and some were not. The results proved that staged homes overwhelmingly have a positive impact on the sale price.

The result? 85% of the staged home sold for a staggering increase of 6%-25% higher than those properties which remained unstaged.

 So, now that we agree that home staging will improve your sales margins, let’s take a look at why home staging has such a consequential impact on your outcome.

4 Significant Impacts of Home Staging on Buyer Perception


1 – Makes a lasting impression in a fast-paced market

As a professional interior decorator home stager in Kelowna, I see homes moving at a rapid-fire pace. The rapid pace of the local market suggests that home buyers are actively seeking and touring homes—in person and online.

While the inventory can get tight, it doesn’t guarantee a sale. Using home staging ensures that your property creates a memorable impression and sells quickly.

After all, you don’t want your home to be forgotten and languish on the market in this competitive environment. A lengthy listing time opens you up to low offers.


2 – Enables the buyer to visualize their family in your home

The home staging process fosters an environment that allows buyers to visualize their family—not yours—in the house. For example, the buyers want to see their family enjoying hot, buttery popcorn while watching an evening move in the media room but feel inhibited to let their imagination run free if photos of your kiddos are staring down at them.

Leaving your photos of your family and pets, monogrammed fingertip towels, and mementos of past vacations in your home while it’s listed is off-putting to buyers; they cannot relate to these.

The home stager will advise you to box up your uber-personal knick-knacks and photographs and carefully ready them for moving day. She will then replace those items with neutral, inviting accessories that will have mass appeal to those buyers.


3 – Allows you to compete with new construction homes and models

Not only is your house competing with other family homes, but it is also competing with shiny, new-construction properties that beckon buyers with the promise of a brand-spanking-new property.

And, if you take time out to tour a model in these new developments around the Kelowna area, you’ll typically see that these are beautifully staged homes. They have neutral walls that tell buyers that they won’t need to change up paint colors, furniture positioned to highlight architectural details or fantastic Okanagan views, and tasteful artwork that polishes off the décor.

To many buyers, the lure of “move-in-ready” is a hard concept to beat. Staging your home suggests that your home, like those shiny new models, is a contender in that same buyer-ready condition. Thus, you are equipping yourself to compete successfully.


4 – Readies your home for digital sharing

To underscore the importance of readying your home for digital sharing cannot be understated. Rest assured, the days of your listing agent visiting your home, snapping some photos, and publishing grainy images in the local newspaper or home magazine are dimming.

Homebuyers today are using apps to tour homes virtually before they even decide if they want to set even one little toe inside your door. Properties that don’t translate well to images can’t perform as highly against those that do.

Some listing photos online in Kelowna right now contain “catches” that speak to the condition of the home—I looked! What I found were images including an overflowing laundry hamper, toys scattered on the floor, worn-out furnishings, broken blinds. Each of those issues conveys an inadvertent carelessness.

The homebuyer perceives this messy image as a homeowner who didn’t care enough to clean up and possibly also has only haphazardly maintained the property.

Today, more than ever, your home must be InstaWorthy and Pinnable. Don’t know what that means? Don’t worry—a professional home stager does.

The Bottom Line

Home staging helps you sell your home competitively—faster and for a higher return on your investment. Home staging in Kelowna is essential, as it allows you to elevate your home in a rapid-fire and competitive market.


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