Do you waste minutes per day—which equates to hours per week—dealing with trying to find misplaced items? Do you frequently need to sort through cabinets or closets to lay your hands on something you need? If you are nodding your head at your computer screen in response to either of those questions, you will benefit from hiring a professional home organizer.

As a trained professional organizer in Kelowna, let me share with you my firsthand experience. You’ll see that those who utilized home organizing professionals reap benefits beyond merely a tidier space.


5 Benefits of Hiring a Professional Home Organizer


1 – A professional organizer can reimagine your space

Homeowners tend to see their storage spaces and accept things as they are. They work with the limited space they have and pile as many items as possible into those slots.

On the other hand, organizers can picture how spaces will be with some after they work their magic and give the area some TLC.

For example, imagine a small wall closet in the master bedroom of an older home. The homeowners wish they had a walk-in and live with the jumbled space until they can afford that long-off home addition.

An organizer will assess if they can add a shelf, way up high, for storing off-season clothing or shoes. They will look at the end or back wall to see if space for several hooks for handbags are available. They will also peek under the master bed (sorry about that) to see if they can add under-bed storage units.

Organizers do more than help you sort through your sweaters and refold them; they reimagine your entire system and make it work better for you.


2 – You can accomplish more

Have you ever wished you could have an extra hour a week to get things done?

Our clients report wasting an average of fifteen minutes each day getting ready to send their children off to school and get themselves prepared for work. That’s roughly 75 minutes of wasted time in one 5-day school- or work-week.


Instead of efficiently getting dressed, packing lunch bags, and filling travel mugs of coffee to sip during their commutes, they are looking for things.

When closets, kitchen cabinets, and bathroom vanities lack organization, they become time killers. How many times, for instance, have you needed to untangle the cord of the flat iron just to plug it in or move around several items in a kitchen cabinet to find the supplies to make sandwiches?

That 75 minutes that slips through your fingers each week is over an extra hour put back into your week—time that could be spent with your family instead of wasted.


3 – You’ll feel a sense of calm

A disorganized home creates a feeling of being out of control. That’s an uncomfortable feeling that leads to stress. Beyond that, you’re probably prone to becoming aggravated when you can’t find the very item you need, precisely when you need it.

A professional home organizer puts you squarely back in control. No longer will your possessions control you; indeed, you will be able to locate the right item at the right time calmly and with better efficiency.

Eliminating the feelings of irritation when you can’t find your things helps you avoid unnecessary stress.


4 – The organizer will keep you on track as you organize

Have you attempted to clear your clutter and reorganize your belongings on your own but failed to finish the job?

It’s easy to avoid tasks that make us come to terms with tough decisions of what to keep and what clutter to remove from the home. Therefore, you probably prioritized other projects and put off your home organizing plans.

Ouch! Yes, that is an unfortunate reality. You’re not alone. Organizers see this scenario unfold time and again. Moreover, they know how to handle it—firmly but tactfully.

When you’re working with a professional organizer, she will keep you on task and offer you the support you need as you are making these choices and stay with you on the project until she sees it through.


5 – You’ll have an ongoing commitment to remaining clutter-free

What’s the point of a decluttering and organizing project if you refill your space again?

A professional organizer will help you learn techniques for keeping your home organized and clutter-free, even after she leaves.  Once you’ve mastered that, there is no reason to have clutter or over-filled closets again.

The Takeaway

An organized home makes your home look better and enables you to feel more accomplished. You don’t need to live with clutter or closets that don’t work for you.  A professional organizer will assist you in regaining control over this issue so that you can enjoy life more.


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