2019 Colour Trends

Trend alert! 2019 is all about luxurious and sophisticated colour trends in Canadian décor. From the verdant greens that mimic the forests around us to soft pink tones that capture the first blushing petals of spring, these nature-inspired colours will dazzle your senses.

Richly pigmented shades are taking the interior design scene by storm and are very on-trend. Some of these hues might sound exciting but perhaps a tad overwhelming. However, they are genuinely amazing colours which add excitement to any space when handled correctly.

These rich tones are balanced out by several more approachable trend colours that offer a more quiet sophistication—understated and glamorous in their own right.


1 – Rich, verdant greens

2019’s greens are more vibrant and deeper than the recent mid-green trends. Think of the dark green leaf of a vigorous vine of ivy trailing up the side of a barn or the lush needles of a pine tree.

Consider these green tones as a way to punctuate any room of your home. While it could overpower a small space if you used it to paint the entire room, use it to accent spaces, instead. Because the truth is, this green serves almost as a neutral—think of the dark greens in nature serving as a backdrop to everything around them.

Try creating a feature wall using this hue in a solid paint colour or in a gorgeous floral print. Invest in a sofa, accent chair, textiles or area rugs to use this hue in a way that allows you to be on-trend but not overcommitted if you have any doubts.


2 – Glossy black is back

Glossy black is back in home accessories. Black has, perhaps, dominated the clothing industry as the go-to neutral for over a decade; it has now stormed into home accessory markets across Canada.

Black is a colour you can invest in with confidence. It matches everything, never really goes out of style (although it’s a hot, hot, hot trend now), and makes a bold but sophisticated statement every place you use it.

Think of using glossy black in lamps and lighting, ceramic accessory pieces, black floral print or stripe window treatments, and frames for your artwork. Black holds its own and delivers a super-sophisticated but trendy vibe.


3 – Soft blush pink

So, if dark green and black sound threatening to you, rest assured you can lighten the mood a little bit—with a soft blush pink. This pastel is not a baby pink or a bright pink. It’s the perfect pink that lends warmth and a soft wash of colour.

Floral-inspired, soft blush pink works symbiotically with the first two colour trends—think of a delicate pink blossom against abundant greenery or black soil. It feels organic and lovely, definitely not child-like.

This pink is livable and loveable and is showing up all over Pinterest as a predominant colour in powder rooms, foyers, master baths, and diva dens all over Canada.

For a metallic and more glamorous take on blush pink, consider rose gold accent pieces.


4 – Soft washed denim blue

Another bold colour infiltrating Canadian homes in 2019 is a warm, denim-inspired blue. In Kelowna, this is excellent news, as it offers a hue harmonious in households with stunning lake views.

This shade is easy to live with and love. It allows homeowners to make smart, bold colour choices in a tone that’s literally as comfy as their favourite pair of blue jeans. And, like your best jeans, it can be dressed up to look sophisticated without looking overdone.


This colour is showing up in every room of the home, thanks to its peaceful nature. Because it’s a neutral and warm blue, it pairs with virtually every colour. Have the confidence to change up to this shade of denim blue.


5 – A drop of grey

The very dark grey shades of the past years have scaled back to a more sophisticated, brighter neutral.

2019 grey is a soft, dove grey with a whiter, brighter undertone. It serves as a neutral that holds its own, even when paired with the darker, bolder colour trends. Think of the colour of a soft grey cloud in the early morning hours.

This neutral allows you to paint an entire room in a hue that is soothing without being boring. It serves as an ideal backdrop for those bolder shades: dark green, denim blue, and black all pop against this colour.

If you don’t want to commit to those richer trend colours, paint your entire room in this shade, and liberally accessorize with those bolder hues. The result will be awe-inspiring.


The Bottom Line

Colour trends across Canada for 2019 are bold, nature-inspired, and sophisticated. Remember that getting on-trend is not as difficult as it sounds.

For those who fear significant change or lack the confidence to play with colour, a professional interior decorator is the answer..


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